Professional Xactimate Estimates

Estimates By Kalani can turn your job documentation into a professionally written invoice without the hassle of hiring another employee or taking time away from a Project Manager’s busy schedule.


What is Xactimate and how does it benefit?

Estimates By Kalani uses the computer claims estimating software known as Xactimate. Insurance companies, contractors and adjusters nationwide use and trust Xactimate as an equal playing field for providing area specific pricing for each item billed. Utilizing Xactimate when writing for our clients gives the upper-hand in showcasing a fair and reasonable, professional invoice. This software allows all aspects of a job to turn into an easy to read display of either work to be done or work that was done, and a detailed play by play of how the job will be or was executed.

Water Damage Estimates

Estimates by Kalani provides professionally written Xactimate Water Damage Mitigation Estimates helping you get paid more, and faster.

Smoke & Fire Damage Estimates

Estimates By Kalani knows writing these complex claims can be time consuming. Outsourcing these estimates to us, not only will save you time and money but you’ll receive the most detailed written estimates.

Pack Out & Pack Back Estimates

Anytime you have a Pack Out getting estimates done quickly is extremely important, as they are labor intensive. With our 24/hour turnaround you can secure more jobs knowing that you’ve got money on the books coming in.

24 Hour Turnaround Time!

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